Street / postal address: 4-6 Gooding Street, St Albans, Victoria 3021
Reference Website: Manuel Casha’s Website

This informative website contains very interesting articles in Maltese and English about Maltese Għana singing which has been traditionally with the Maltese nation for centuries, and always regarded as the music of the peasant, the farmer, the labourer and the washerwomen. It has generally been associated with the working classes. The Maltese people have a natural in-built ability to sing and rhyme and this has been documented by a number of visitors to the Maltese islands who were impressed by this musical phenomenon.

Association Objectives
The main purpose for which the Association was formed is to provide an environment and a meeting place for the Maltese għannejja (singers of għana) and kitarristi (guitarists) living in Melbourne to meet and express themselves in the traditional form of Maltese folkloristic music, thereby keeping it alive in their adopted country of Australia.