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Postal address: 27 Talmage Street, Albion, Victoria 3020
Date founded: 1988
Association Objectives
The purposes for which the Association was formed are as follows:

  • To provide and maintain adequate premises to be used as required by the members of the Association.
  • To cater for the cultural needs of the Maltese community.
  • To encourage members of the Association to participate with other ethnic groups in social and cultural activities.
  • To help in the promotion and presentati0n of performances of Maltese character.
  • To contribute to the cultural aspects of a multicultural society in Victoria.
  • To assist (and direct to the relevant authorities, as required) members of the Maltese community who seek assistance with regard to social security, taxation and other matters.

Association History
The Maltese Cultural Association of Victoria was formed in 1988 at the instigation of founder Mr. Peter Paul Portelli. The committee and members used to meet in the premises of the migrant resource centre in Alfreida Street, St. Albans where the members had social gatherings and playing of bingo to raise funds. The committee also held their meetings in the M.R.C.
Again with the instigation of Mr. Portelli and the assistance of the local Member of Parliament Mr Ian Baker and others, a 15 year lease was obtained to use the derelict Albion sub-station owned by the then Victorian Railways and to use it as the association’s premises.
The committee with the help of some volunteer members set about refurbishing the vandalised building which had been abandoned for some long years. As the members thought 15 years too short a lease term, after further negotiations the lease was extended to 20 years.
The Cultural Center is now the pride of the Maltese Cultural Association. The association has welcomed therein, visiting members of both sides of Maltese politics and as well members of the Maltese clergy.
The Center is also able to cater for social functions.

Committee Members

MCAV Committee 2020-21

Anyone desiring to join may do so. New members have to be proposed to the Association by a financial member on prescribed. The annual membership fee is $10 for singles and $15 for couples. For more information about membership contact the President, Peter Paul Portelli, on email [email protected] or mobile 0431 473 893 or by email to [email protected]
The Association produces a quarterly newsletter.

  • The Center holds Maltese Għana (traditional Maltese folk) evenings on Thursdays from 6 pm.
  • Regular Saturday night wrestling dates can obtained from the Center.
  • Members’ Christmas Party is held every year in December.