Postal address: c/- 19 Daimler Avenue, Keilor Downs, Victoria 3038
Date Club founded: 1979
Association Objectives
The main purpose for which the Association was formed is to encourage Maltese literature among its members and the general community.
Association History
The MLG-GLM was founded by Dr Joe Abela in 1979, and affiliated to the M.C.C.V. in 1983. In its application for affiliation the then President, Dr Maurice Cauchi, stated that the main aim for affiliation was to be part of the MCCV and the community that it represents, rather than stay as an independent group. The MLG also requested the use of a meeting room at the Maltese Community Centre and an area where they could display books for sale. MLG-GLM members started Maltese Language classes on Saturday mornings in early 1980s on regular basis and was kept going for many years into the late 1990s.
Past Presidents were:- Founder/President Dr Joe Abela, Dr Maurice Cauchi, Mr. Charles Camilleri, Mr. Manwel Cassar, Mrs Rosemary Attard, Dr Victor E Sammut, Dr Joseph C Chetcuti.
The Group holds its monthly meetings at the Maltese Community Centre in Parkville on the last Friday of each month. Members are encouraged to write poetry and prose in Maltese and read them at the meetings, where they are constructively critiqued by the other members. Once a year a Lejla Muziko Letterarja is held where members read their works or that of other authors in Maltese. This is event is held at the Centru Malti in Parkville usually in the month of September and the Maltese Community at large is invited to attend.
From time to time such event is also held at other venues. Visiting authors both from Malta and interstate have been welcomed to participate in such events. Books have also been launched at special meetings.
The Group has provided support to the Maltese Language Schools of Victoria and its members have worked very hard to establish the library at the Maltese Centre. For many years members looked after the re-stocking of books and loans to the community.
Committee for 2014
The present Committee consists of:

  • President – Dr Victor E. Sammut
  • Vice President – Mrs Marie Louise Anastasi
  • Secretary – Mrs Rosemary Attard
  • Treasurer –Mr Raymond Anastasi
  • Public Relations Officer –Mr Paul Vella
  • Social Secretary –Mrs Salvina Vella

How to Join the Group
Anyone who is interested to attend the meetings of the MLG-GLM is made very welcome. To find out how to join the group one may contact the Secretary Rosemary Attard on (9338 3920) for further information, or come to the Centru Malti, Parkville on last Friday of the month.