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Postal address: 21 Hall Avenue, Altona Meadows, Victoria 3018


Email address:  [email protected]

Date Club founded: 1977

Association Objectives. The main purposes for which the Association is to carry on a centuries old Maltese tradition of having a community based brass, woodwind and percussion band to play at local village and religious feasts on the model of such bands that exist at each Maltese town and village, which could have one, two or more of these bands.

Association History

The Maltese Own Band Philharmonic Society Inc. was established in 1977. Until then, no such band existed in Victoria and only one other in Australia. A few local Maltese people got together and decided to establish the Society to promote the Maltese culture and play for the only Maltese style religious feast at that time, Our Lady of Victories.

In 2002, the band celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Today, the Society plays for over 20 such Maltese feasts alone per year, both throughout Victoria and interstate. As well, the society also performs for many ethnic, community and cultural festivals and events playing a variety of music from traditional European style marches and hymns to popular concert pieces.

The Society currently has over 60 band players but has in the past had over 120 band players at one time. Although the Societies members are predominantly Maltese, we have members that are from different nationalities and cultures.

The Society provides the bandplayers with their instrument, if required, and their uniform at no cost to the bandplayers. The Society also provides free music lessons and tuition.

As well as the Society’s aim to promote the Maltese and ethnic culture, they also encourage the youth of any ethnic background to join the Society and take advantage of the free music lessons program, (where we also supply them with an instrument,) with the aim of performing with the band. This program is not just for the youth but for anyone of any age that would like to learn to play an instrument.

Except for a small sponsorship agreement, the Societies only income is from fund raising efforts and a small fee given to the society by the religious and community groups for our performances. These funds are used for costs involved with providing and maintaining musical instruments, uniforms, teaching programs and day-to-day costs and needs of such a society.

The society is a non-profit organisation with all its members working on a voluntary basis.