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Postal address:  PO Box 55, Thomastown, Victoria 3074

Date Club founded: 1988

Association Objectives. The purposes for which the Association was formed are:

  • To keep the tradition we had in Malta by organising the Feast of Stella Maris once a year.
  • To keep the devotion towards Our Lady strong among the people.
  • To keep the Maltese community united together and see them have fun.

Association History

Stella Maris Maltese Association was founded in 1988. The founder and first President was Mr Charlie Mifsud and the first Secretary was Mrs Frances Fava, who is still serving in this position on the Committee.

The Feast of Stella Maris is celebrated at St Joseph the Worker Church in Reservoir in the third week of October every year. For the first couple of years the Feast was celebrated with a framed picture of Stella Maris. Then in the third year we had the statue to carry in the procession. We were very happy to see this because it took a lot of hard work trying to organise events to raise funds for this great achievement.


In 2009 Mr Charlie Mifsud resigned and Mr Charlie Xerri was elected as the new President. A few years ago Mr Martin Camenzuli had stood in for Mr Mifsud for a few months while he had a break.

Every first Saturday of the month we organise a Family Get Together, which is a very popular social event for our Association. On the eve of the Stella Maris Feast we hold a Feast Dinner Dance and every four months we organise a weekend away.

Committee Elections. Elections are held every two years in December.

Committee Members for 2010/11

President                                          Charlie Xerri
Vice President                                 Lino Fava
Secretary                                         Frances Fava
Asst. Secretary                               Lillian Wessley
Treasurer                                         Paul Scerri
Asst. Treasurer                               Sunny Micallef
Member                                            Charlie Cini
Member                                            John Darmanin
Member                                            Carmen Cachia
Member                                            Charlie Cachia

Membership.  Anyone over 18 years of age may become a member cby approaching any Committee member and paying an annual membership fee of $5.00 per person. Contact Charlie Xerri on (03) 9308 3308 or Frances Fava on (03) 9449 7290.

Newsletter. The Association does not publish a Newletter.

Events. The Association organises the following events during the year:

  • Every first Saturday of the month, Family Get Together – the dated for 2011 are as follows: 2 April; 7 May; 4 June; 2 July; 6 August; 3 September; 1 October; 5 November and 3 December).
  • February, July & November – Weekend Away over the border (actual dates yet to be determined).
  • 14-16 October 2011 – Stella Maris Feast celebrations, including Dinner Dance.
  • 11 December 2011 – Annual General Meeting followed by Christmas Party for members.