Postal address:  c/- 134 North Road, Newport

Date founded:   1969

Association Objectives. The purposes for which the Association was formed are as follows:

  • To foster the spirit of fellowship among members of the Tripolitanian community in Melbourne;
  • To conduct social and recreational functions.

Association History

The Club was formed in 1969 through the activity of Anthony Banavage, Romeo Cini, Rosario DeBono, Peter Grech, Riccardo Sammut and Antonio Cipriani. It became affiliated with the MCCV in 1979.

Current activities include a social get-together every Sunday evening and monthly luncheons and the organisation of dinner dances on special occasions like Christmas and the club’s anniversary.

Most of the members are of Maltese descent and the committee felt that they should support the MCCV to maintain good relations with the Maltese community in Victoria.