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    • Public Broadcasting Services – Television Malta is the national station which has been broadcasting for many decades. A multi award winner, TVM transmits very popular programs, including TV news bulletins, often the most watched news program in Malta. The channel’s main focus is on family entertainment, current affairs and sports, and drama.
    • One TV – Formerly known as Super 1, One TV is owned by the Maltese Labour Party (Partit Laburista) and focuses mainly on news, current events, sports, kids programs, drama and other family entertainment.
    • Di-ve – Live TV streaming from Malta, On-demand library and Radio Jukebox
    • Net TV – Net Television is a Maltese channel owned by the Nationalist Party focusing mainly on news and current affairs, family entertainment, sports and children’s programs.
    • Smash TV – Smash TV is owned by Smash Communications Ltd and focuses mainly on discussion programs, sports and of course news and current affairs.
    • Education 22 – This channel’s focus is on educational programs as well as family entertainment.
    • XFM Radio – Xfm 100.2 Online is a broad coalition of music, television, IT, theatre and business experts committed to providing the listener with the ultimate experience in audio entertainment.
    • Malta Migration Website – In June 2001 the Migration Museum Committee in collaboration with the Migration Museum, announced the launch of the website. The aim of this site is to ” collect information relating to issues of interest to migrants and migration.” Among the various sections in the site one can find a section on the historical aspects of the Maltese migratory movements that includes the first three chapters of an interesting publication, “The Safety Valve” by Fr. Lawrence E. Attard. The Statistics section is very well presented and one can get a quick indication of the post-war migration to and from Canada, UK and the USA. This site remains a work in progress but a lot of material is already available.
    • Emigrants’ Commission, Malta
    • Institute for Cultural Diversity – a non-government Australian organisation established in September 2007 to promote the value of cultural diversity for a democratic, creative and productive Australia.
    • maltain360.com – Discover the Maltese islands in 360 degrees
    • Charbell’s Website
    • Allmalta.com
    • The Home of Maltese Għana
    • Malta Network Resources