Postal address: PO Box 5256, Clayton, Victoria 3168

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Email Address: [email protected]
Date Club founded: 1974
Association Objectives. The purposes for which the Association was formed are as follows:

  • To promote social functions and activities by way of films, lectures, seminars or otherwise for and on behalf of its members.
  • To promote sporting activities.
  • To promote educational and cultural activities.
  • To support an approved charitable institution or any venture which may be deemed by the Committee of the Association to be within the province of the Association’s activities.
  • To foster and develop the welfare of its members.

Association History
In January 1974 Charles Portelli called a meeting to propose the establishment of a social club for the Maltese community residing in the Sourth-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. At that meeting the Association was formed and Charles Portelli was elected as its President and Joe Schembri its first Secretary. It was affiliated with the MCCV the same year.
At that time there was a great lack of social activity for the Maltese community in these regions. Frank Calleja had been President this Association for many years until his recent retirement.
The Association is still very active and holds social activities, day trips and interstate excursions mainly during the Melbourne Cup weekend and sometimes Easter. The members and their friends celebrate Australia Day annually by holding a barbecue at Jells Park in Wheelers Hill.
The Association has also been active in fund-raising activities. It makes donations to charitable institutions, such as, World Vision and the Red Cross Bush Fire Appeal, and has been very supportive of the MCCV through participation in the Quest fund-raising as well as active participation in the Annual Fete.
The Association has a Seniors’ Group which meets every Wednesday at the Moorleigh Multicultural Centre in East Bentleigh to help break the isolation of elderly people, particularly through their interactions with other members and by taking part in different activities. These functions include information sessions by specialist speakers and also occasional day trips to country Victoria and other social events.
Committee Elections.
Elections are held every year in November.
Committee Members for 2010/11
President George Borg
Vice-president Carmen Camilleri
Carmen Camilleri
Assist Treasurer
Joseph Schembri
John Cassar
Sam Hili
Social Secretary
Joseph Schembri
Assist. Social Secretary
Joe Cardona
Ch. Farrugia
Mrs. D. Azzopardi
Mrs. Carmen Borg
Membership of the Association is open to Maltese people in Australia and their friends. To become a member one needs to complete a Membership form which may be downloaded from the Association’s website.